Building a high performing leadership team

Adaptive leadership in a fast moving business

The VP of the IS function of a global drinks company sought my help in building her leadership team from scratch into a high performing team impacting across the business. Her challenges included: building their identity as a leadership team (their purpose, vision and their operating principles); designing a process to cascade the high performing team environment throughout the IS function; and coaching individuals and their teams to ensure follow through and a continued noticeable impact on the business.

The leadership team’s increased activity and focus at a strategic level allowed the rest of the function to concentrate on delivery against a specific set of targets and in particular making the function more relevant to the business.  Feedback through internal surveys showed a big increase in customer satisfaction with their services and annual whole team Kick Offs reflected a growing confidence in the function with their ability to deliver complex projects on budget and to schedule.

As in any fast moving business personnel change in the leadership team was absorbed through reiterations of the identity building process to integrate new members so the team’s focus was such that the business imperative would not suffer.  Perhaps my key success was helping technically gifted people see their potential as leaders and strategic thinkers rather than being very good at ‘keeping the lights on’.  This was noticed by other parts of the business through requests for similar interventions.

Business Transformation

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