Culture clash and opportunities

establishing operations in newly emerging markets

A global packaging business needed help in Central Europe prior to accession to the EU. I helped them with: cultural integration of Polish, Hungarian and Czech acquisitions; setting up a pan European development programme for senior executives and leaders; and creating innovative solutions to reduce operating costs.

The company's refocused activities, with my guidance, became a flagship project in the process of Poland complying with EU directives to successfully join the Union.  A partnership between the Polish government packaging association, the City of Krakow and the European Commission ultimately delivered financial and environmental benefits to all stakeholders.

I identified how to turn a challenge into an opportunity.  I found and raised specialised funding which directly led to the creation of infrastructure for a new recycling and waste management project as well as the introduction of a new culture of recycling and waste collection into local communities in Poland.  Not only did this give the company green technology capable of directly reusing raw materials in their manufacturing process but it took 10% off the operating costs and brought down the price of beer!

Business Transformation

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