From start up to listing

Managing business growth

The CEO of a company initially set up to identify, develop and commercialise opportunities in pharma was seeking to grow the business into a specialty pharma business with innovative treatments.  In short the company would be catapulted into the world of established quoted pharmaceuticals.  He was passionate about wanting to hold on to the values and culture that kept the company inquisitive and entrepreneurial but, at the same time, put in place structures, processes and disciplines that instilled the rigour and acumen of a respected commercially astute business.

The key to this was to clarify the vision, purpose and values of the key stakeholder groups and engage the rest of the business behind these important pillars.  My team and I ran a series of interventions with the main audiences and helped the CEO align those three driving forces.  I acted as a sounding board for the CEO to help him define how to successfully lead and develop the business into one which is now universally admired.  We also worked extensively with the leadership team and those emerging as high potentials, to help them develop the right competences and mindsets to manage the transition from a more academic institution to one which caught the imagination of the investment community.

Staff are clear on their role in delivering the vision, people enjoy working there and feel that what they do is worthwhile.  The organisation has matured and is now in the next growth cycle, and the CEO has transitioned the leadership team into one that ‘operates on the front foot’ both driving the business forward and creating the right culture for others to flourish.


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