Getting ahead of the competition in mature markets

Thinking outside the box across industries

One of my favourite activities is to get people to share ideas and experiences from different industries - where they are not directly competing and where ideas can cross-fertilise.  I designed and ran a session where the subject was how to develop a culture of innovative behaviour and thinking in business - an idea feared by many as it ‘goes against the grain’.  With the support of an inventor friend, I made sure our session generated both excitement and a few 'aha' moments.

Many organisations have implemented sophisticated innovation processes to ensure they generate new ideas, provide early investment, sort and sift through initiatives.  They have labs, hot houses, war rooms and project teams – often working in isolation from the day-to-day business.  The real challenge is to create an organisational culture within which all staff to see innovation as a key part of their role – so businesses can find a way to realise and tap into the collective creativity of their people.  Innovation should be part of the day to day business as usual and almost a be a watermark running through their organisation rather than a separate department tasked with ‘making new kit’.

A number of C-level executives at blue chip organisations, including those in banking, airlines, telecoms, beverages, construction and pharmaceuticals came together to share their experiences, frustrations, ambitions and desires in an open and engaging forum.  A Joint Venture project resulted that established a vehicle for greater collaboration that drove a more innovative culture across the JV organisations.

Behavioural innovation

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