Innovating innovation specialists

We worked with different specialist teams at a global publishing and knowledge group to help them think about how to drive innovative behaviours into technology teams.

Using a mixture of showcasing technologies and applications, as well as bringing to life the journeys of several highly creative people, we gave the teams an understanding of how to build a culture supported and promoted innovation across the business and didn't slip deeply into over engineering solutions. Failing fast was not something that fitted well into their highly specialist perfectionist culture. As a backdrop we shared our experiences of working with many blue chips around the challenges of innovation – a bit of ‘benchmarking’ to show them what others have been doing. We finished with some group working bringing to life some of the challenges of getting people to think innovation and creativity. The client was especially keen on highlighting the importance of ‘front foot innovation’ – ie proactivity that can build their various teams with the ability to deliver new features, align to some agile principals and innovate within ‘our’ space rather than reacting.

The outcomes were focused on how do we create a culture that embraces innovative thinking and behaviour, and what are the immediate next steps that they need to take, rather than coming up with the next 100 great inventions. Be more strategic and less tactical.

Behavioural innovation

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