Business transformation

At Framework Consulting , we work with ambitious leaders who have a desire to create sustainable change. This could be anything – new products or services, M&As, new systems and processes, new markets, new people. Anything that has a fundamental impact on the business and its stakeholders. We help the leaders get complete clarity on what success looks like, help them garner support from their different communities to create channels for challenge and engagement, and put into place long lasting actions that drive successful change.

Steering the best course

Adapting to a new model requires a focus on organisational transformation in addition to the strategy and proposition development and delivery work. We can help do that. The Cyclone is a clear methodology that can support leaders to both plan and implement change whilst also developing transformational leadership capability. We can help them build a clear map of where they want to be, develop greater awareness on where they are today - and engage and mobilise successive levels of the organisation in creating a shared roadmap to bridge the gap. We call this conventional approach to strategy and change management Strategic Leadership.

To sustain success, however, leaders need to think of the challenge as more than just a one-time transformation (freeze/unfreeze/refreeze). The need is not just to adapt once to change, but to develop the agility to thrive in an increasingly connected, accelerating and disruptive marketplace. To develop this agility the organisation needs to develop the ability to drive continuous innovation over the long-term whilst still being able to execute with discipline in the short-term. This requires culture change - and culture change requires a fundamentally different approach to leadership. We call this different approach Transformational Leadership.

In the 21st century, the leaders of the future will be ambidextrous - capable of both Strategic and Transformational leadership. We can help them both develop and implement the transformation strategy whilst also building the leadership capability, social systems and practices to support continuous innovation and build agility. Moreover, developing this transformational leadership capability in parallel with strategic leadership will accelerate the speed of both strategy development and organisational adoption.

My point of view

Successful transformations have one thing in common: they combine hard edged implementable solutions with softer behavioural changes.  Doing one without the other takes away either the head or the heart of change.  You cannot expect to successfully and sustainably benefit from large scale change if you do not address both the rational and the emotional aspects of change.

Case Studies

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